Zenphoria - Allow yourselve a relaxing treat

Treatment details

Is the use of massage to reflex areas found in the feet and hands; the feet are a map of the body.  By applying pressure to these reflex areas it simulates energy to treat the body as a whole.
Reflexology doesn't claim to "cure all", but has been known to help with healing of disorders such as migraines, sinus problems, digestive problems, stress, hormonal imbalance, amongst many more.
Indian Head Massage
Indian Head Massage involves massaging the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face.  Although this can be tailored to concentrate more on one area or to avoid an area altogether
The massage works by releasing blocked negative energy, it can help to boost immunity, improve circulation, relieve insomnia and asthma.
Bio Sculpture Gel

Bio Sculpture should not chip or damage your nails, it will help to protect and strengthen the natural nail. 
Bio Sculpture is a soak off gel that cures under a UV lamp; it also offers nail extensions through sculpting.  Bio Sculpture will last between 2 – 4 weeks depending on lifestyle.


Is a power polish which lasts up to 14 days finishing with a mirror shine and zero dry time; like the Bio Sculpture it is also a soak off gel, different colours can be layered to create unique looks.  

Individual Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash extensions are a great way to enhance your eyes, they attach to your individual natural lashes, they will need to be maintained regularly every two/ three weeks. Individual lashes are semi-permanent, natural looking and lightweight, perfect for everyday wear and no need for mascara

Eyelash Tinting & Eyebrow Tinting
Eyebrows frame the face and by adding tint to them it enhances your features, tinting is an easy way of bighting your eyes without the need for mascara or extensions.  


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